Are You Them?

We deal with communication essentially all day, every day.

There’s one thing I notice time and time again with people and companies: they just shoot out a message that they feel needs to be heard or that they want to spread without truly understanding the receiving party.

Every marketing and sales message that leaves your organization should be obsessively tailored to an exact person.

Put yourself in the receiving person’s shoes. Think about it; what do they need? Want? What frustrates them? What problem are they trying to solve? Where are they trying desperately to get to?

So often messages are clearly written or spoken from the viewpoint of the company or the one doing the selling. They’re about benefits and why someone needs this or that…. but as the buyer…. you don’t give a damn.

As the buyer — your sole concern is yourself. You want to understand how something solves your problem or your challenges or frustrations. That’s the sole thing you’re focused on and any message you read or watch (if you do…) needs do cut right to the heart of the issues that are tailored to you.

So while people preach things like “content is king” and they hammer their audience with blanket messages that are clearly not customized for them — understand that it just becomes white noise for them and the audience becomes numb to it.

You need to work harder and smarter if you’re going to really get their attention and keep it.

Think for a second about any message you’ve gotten via email or ad or video that really didn’t grab you. Got one in mind? Good, now think of one that grabbed your attention and kept it and compelled you to take some form of action. Got one? See the difference?

We live and breath this for our clients. This isn’t a component part of the game, it’s the whole game.

If this speaks to you, let’s have a call so we can discuss ideas for a strategy that will help scale growth in 2017.

Have a great week!

— Robert

PS. here’s a recent project we completed for Quark:

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With Love From Richter

Now that 2016 is over and we’re well on our way into 2017, we thought we’d launch the first incentive of the year.

So we came up with the Valentine’s special.

Here’s the skinny — we’re doing two crazy things, 1) we’ve created a crazy deal for live shoots. 2) we created a crazy package for four 1 minute animated videos:

If you’re familiar with how we are then you know that every now and then we come up with a kooky deal that has a specific time frame and a certain number that we’re willing to do. These deals don’t stick around and we rarely repeat them.

So knowing that, if either of these specials are aligned with your current needs, then you may as well lock one in. It’s essentially equivalent to buying a great stock below the current market value.

Here are some examples of live projects we completed recently:



Prestige Alarm

Here’s an example of a few one minute animated projects:



Q4 (Ok, this one is a touch longer)

If you’d like a proposal sent over — let us know.


Have a great Thursday!

– Robert

PS – here’s the latest Quarter show. This one’s good to share with your sales team:

PPS – this is a new page we launched to walk our clients through getting started with strategic relations: — this strategy is the number one thing that drives our growth. Call if you’d like to learn more.

You Don’t Know Your Audience

I’ve spoken to an enormous number of people in business that tell me they know their audience and… they don’t.

For the past 9 years I’ve obsessed over understanding our target public and our clients’ target public.


Because when we know target public, we know what to write, what to say and how and what will get them to reach.

This is the very first step in anything we do because we know that there’s no point writing one line of copy unless we know precisely whom we’re speaking to.

It’s what anchors strategic relations and it’s mission critical to its success.

We’ve helped clients secure relationships with companies like Netflix, Nike, Redbull, GE, HP, Georgia-Pacific, etc.

Here’s one of our latest testimonials:

2017 is in motion. Let’s get your sales strategy to scale and up to pace.


Have a great Thursday!

— Robert

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Army Vs. SEALS

There’s a problem that seems to affect every company regardless of size, staff, revenue, etc.

It’s this: they continue to run into situations where they need to get to specific people at specific companies who are highly valuable to them, and if they could get to those people and enter the sales cycle, there’s a very high probability they would close them.

Now, I’m not talking about broad marketing actions or driving a large volume of prospects. I’m talking about getting to high value targets that help drive business growth. These companies and people need to be pursued the right way and it’s often time consuming, tedious work.

We solve this problem for clients and the analogy I often use is this: where you may use and need an army for a specific target, we’re the Navy SEALS for what we do. We’re hyper focused on the mission in the most tactical and efficient way possible and we deal with high value targets only.

So if the above describes a need that resonates with you, we should have a call.

Here’s a testimonial from a client that we just completed:

Here’s an overview video that explains our approach a little further:

Now is the time to get on pace for 2017. We can find and bring the right relationships to the table that will help spearhead your growth.


Happy Thursday!

— Robert

PS. here’s our latest show for The Quarter

The business of crazy

It’s December and we’re in the business of crazy.

Look — we never push crazy ideas like we do at this time of year. Never.

We’re pushing some of the tightest margin incentives right now to drive year end numbers and it just so happens that our clients benefit from all this craziness.

We don’t know about budgets or your internal landscape and frankly don’t need to know. What we have going now saves a ton of money on something that you’re most likely going to do anyway, which is equivalent to making money. 

That’s what we do — we’re alchemist. We help you make money.

So if you do your magic to get approvals and commit to a project — we will get you the greatest deal of the year.

Here are two new projects we just completed:

Kaspersky Lab


And here’s a comment from one of our sales team after he spoke to a client:

“Eddie says he’s gotten over 1000 views on his video so far, but more than that he’s gotten over 300 notes written back to him as a result of people watching it, along with several closed new deals.”

Call us. 727 447 3600

Push Your Costs Down

It’s easy to get hyper-focused on driving leads, and you should of course, but what’s the point of leads if your follow through game is lacking?

In other words, if the percentage of leads you close is very small, your percentage of waste is very high.

So you have to balance out your focus to not only drive new leads, but to also support the new and existing leads coming in with tools for your sales team that help them take each cycle through the stages and conclude each one.

The more emphasis you put on accomplishing this, the more you stretch your marketing dollars to make the work you’re doing more efficient and effective. Otherwise, the cost of acquisition remains very high and costs the company a fortune.

Here’s a short video we just completed that talks about our strategy that addresses this problem:

If you’d like to know more about this strategy, just call or email us:


By the way, here’s this year’s Christmas video. We still have some time to create one for your company if needed. You’d be amazed at how much business this kind of good will communication can bring in, and it’s a great way to show your customers that you care and appreciate their business:

Also, we have our year end special between now and Dec 31st, with discounts we only offer once a year. Call us for details. 727-447-3600.

End of the Year Package

The end of the year is approaching rapidly so we’re launching a special package to help beef up your sales strategy for the new year to help gain early momentum.

The package is a mini version of our campaign comprised of a series of videos that follow the sales sequence and buyer journey to say the right things at the right stage.

We’re huge proponents for building a synchronized series as opposed to one here and there or a fragmented approach.

Here’s what’s included in the package:

—Five videos up to 2 minutes in length each

—A beautiful page created for the videos to be shown like these:

—Two What Works books sent out to you

We’re going to run this through December 25th, 2016 and we’ve priced the entire package 25% below our normal rate.

If you have an interest in this package, reach out at 727-447-3600

-Robert Cornish

PS if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s our latest experience trailer project

3 Great Reasons You Should Use Videos In Your Marketing

If you aren’t already using videos in your marketing campaign, there’s no better time to start than the present. Business executives and professionals are dispersed now more than ever, so capturing and retaining their attention is difficult. Videos have statically proven to be the most effective way to engage your intended audience.

Online videos are quickly becoming the best tool for sales and marketing by a landslide. Here are just three of the reasons why both small and large businesses are utilizing videos:
1) Videos are being watched by your audience every single day: 
YouTube alone has over 4 billion video views per day, and 75% of executives watch a work-related video on business websites at least once a week. Why is everyone watching videos? They have the ability to convey a vast amount of information which otherwise might be complicated or confusing in a simple and easy-to-follow format.
2) Video is search engine friendly: 
It’s not just people who love videos, search engines love them too. Most companies spend a tremendous amount of time, effort and money getting people to their website. Creating video content that is connected your website, whether it’s a Christmas video or an introductory explainer, will definitely help boost your existing marketing efforts.
3) Effective videos create sales: 
The statistics alone tell the story: 64% of website visitors are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. And 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision-making process. The creation of an effective video can help turn those viewers into buyers.
For more statistics on video marketing, please visit:
By Nicole Pastore

Have you worked in my industry?

Have you worked in my industry?

When we talk to new prospects about starting a video project, the first question we’re asked without fail, is: “Have you worked in my industry?” This seems extremely logical. However, and here’s the rub, it’s totally irrelevant!

The truth is, at this point we have worked with so many different companies in so many different industries that the answer is most likely “yes” anyway, but why would I say this seemingly vital point doesn’t matter?

The answer is twofold:

  • You live and breathe what you do. We don’t need to replace that knowledge.

    There is no amount of videos we could make in your industry that would replace your knowledge of what you do every day. Our job is not to become an expert in your field, but rather to hear the insight from you and distill it into the most effective communication possible.  
  • We’re a communications agency. Communication is what we do.

    Our video production team is top-notch, but the truth is that there are a lot of talented visual artists out there that could make you a beautiful video. What we bring to the table that’s truly unique is an ability to take even the most complex subject matter and make it approachable, understandable and effective.

    It’s this that has put us on the Inc. 5,000 list 4 years running, and kept our clients coming back again and again to work with us. It simply doesn’t matter what industry or topic, our team knows how to talk to people the way they like to be talked to.  

To sum up, the creation of your videos is a team effort, and you will be consulted throughout. You bring the expertise in your industry, and we’ll transform it into something like lightning in a bottle.

The final result will be you talking, relaying your message better than you imagined you could.

By Spencer Barnes

Not all videos are created equal.

Nobody wants to read your white paper. Or your deck, or your PowerPoint presentation. Sorry. There’s just WAY too much interesting, dynamic content assaulting our senses every moment of the day that makes it challenging to achieve the zen headspace needed to concentrate on your value proposition in written form. This is the 21st century bed we’ve made and now we’re stuck with it.
What your audience will love (and love you for) is a succinct, clear, simple video that explains exactly why your product or service is going to solve their problem better than any other solution they’re considering.
I’m not breaking new ground discussing the value of video. But all videos are not created equal. Plenty of creative agencies or startups can offer cheap (or expensive) videos that look OK (or even great). But there’s not a company on the planet who can create a more effective video for you (and more importantly, your audience) than Richter can. I know because as Richter’s Creative Director, I’ve watched every single video draft and read every single script before it went out to each client. Over 4000 of them. And we get such stellar client feedback every week that I couldn’t make it up to sound that good if I tried.
We love what we do. We’re great at it. We’re here to help you. REALLY help you. Let’s get started on something…
By Wil Seabrook