People Are Out Of Communication

Here’s the thing: people are getting hammered from every angle by communication that isn’t tailored to them and so they ignore it.

Social media is packed with it. Their physical mailbox is jammed with letters and flyers and stuff. Their email inbox is loaded with messages. The TV is spewing more messages at them. Their text messages are constantly going off. Amazon is hammering them with offers and new things to look at.

It doesn’t end.

So — they turn it off. Mentally. They just mentally checkout and ignore all.

That’s why people are really unresponsive these days. They’re in somewhat of a chronic state of overwhelm.

So then, as a company or as someone marketing or selling something, how do you get people to engage? What will they respond to?

Hyper tailored, one to one communication meant for them and only them that’s not positioned as pitching something but rather solving something or helping with something, like an immediate and very real problem they have or motivation or goal they’re trying to achieve. The more tailored and relevant to those needs or wants, the better.

In an environment with enormous amounts of communication and messages flowing at people at any given time, the one that doesn’t get ignored is the one that is solely focused on them and relevant to them at the present time that they know they need or want.

That’s the message that pulls them. Because when everyone is hammering them with what they want to pitch, it all becomes noise that they tune out and their interest becomes — “I only care about what I’m trying to do…” as the receiver.

So you have to focus entirely and utterly on them.

All of a sudden they think, “wow, impeccable timing” or “what a coincidence…. I need this right now”.

What I’m describing above is just one of the elements that make our strategic relations program massively successful.

If and when you really need to get to people and you need them to be alert to your message and to engage…. call us. We can handle it.

Here’s a short analogy video we created the other day to depict what we do:

Have a great week!

— Robert