The Lost Art Of Knowing

Knowingness or instinct seems to be a lost art these days. We’ve defaulted to thought, reason and logic and while useful, it’s not always the best play.

It’s said that when your body is initially developing in the womb, the “second brain” develops which is actually in your stomach.

Animals in the wild use their knowingness or instinct for absolute survival and we’ve somehow disregarded it over the years to default to thinking, logic, reason and so forth. While valuable, these aren’t the entire answer and aren’t always the tools to rely on.

When I see people walk into a crosswalk at a busy outdoor mall without looking, simply assuming that cars will stop, it’s clear to me that most humans’ sense of instinct has been lost or put on the back burner long ago.

Success in life requires more than thinking. More than just logic or reason. In fact, in many cases these things will deceive you and result in defeat. You’ll shake your head and think some more and wonder how your plan could have possibly failed.

It’s time to practice the art of knowing. The native instinctual abilities you have but aren’t using.

If you scan your life, I’m sure you can find many instances where you’ve had a “gut-feeling” about something but after thinking it through, you went against that feeling.

The more you pay attention — and act upon your knowing or instinct or feeling, the more that ability will develop, the better you’ll become and the more accurate your moves and prediction will be.

While some may scoff at this idea, I assure you I’ve met many people and read an enormous number of books that attest to this concept and they’ve relied on it heavily to attain what they have.

Most people have simply become numb to their own native ability over the years. They’re disconnected from it and the idea of using it is no longer real to them. But it’s within them and it’s most definitely an untapped resource.

So I challenge you to start listening to your instinct. Feel your way through problems and decisions. Practice tapping into this ability. Don’t sit and think about decisions or actions, pull from your knowingness to feel and act on them.

If you give yourself 2 seconds to decide — what’s the answer that presents itself? Then when you compare and give yourself 2 days to think about the same thing, you’ll notice that both are typically very different. Both will take you in different directions.

My subjective reality is this: the one that took 2 seconds is better input than the one that took 2 days.

Test it. I’d encourage you to act on what you know in 2 second and see where it gets you. My bet is you’ll be better off.

— Robert

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