Can You Be Counted On?

Right this minute, I’m watching a PBS documentary about intense survival challenges from various areas in the world.

The story, is about an African village with a man and his brothers that must feed their children and parents with fish in order to survive, otherwise, they’ll go hungry.

In order to get to the best fish spot, they have to travel by foot through hard terrain, past and through marsh with crocodiles without being attacked, past elephants that are aggressive and territorial (that also killed one of them the year before), then through a stream with an intense current from a waterfall that forces the water downstream and may take them under.

They finally make it the fishing spot. It’s a waterfall where they catch the fish with relatively antiquated methods only to then turn around and make it back to the village through the same stream, past the aggressive elephants, through the marsh with the crocs and safely back to their family to cook the fish only to do it again the next day. They risk their lives for their family and their village every day.

A true test of survival and commitment. I can’t help but analogize to business and sales. You think about the challenges you face and you have to ask yourself — what are you willing to confront and do for the survival of yourself and your group?

Your team counts on you each and every day. What are you personally willing to do? To risk and persevere through to forward the survival of your group?

I’ve had the displeasure of having to cut people from my own team simply because the person wouldn’t confront what needs to be done, they wouldn’t persevere through the barriers to accomplish the mission and they wouldn’t do the work required to attain survival for the group.

On the other hand, I’ve had the great joy of dealing with people on my team that bend over backwards for themselves and the others that form our group. They go outside of their role to ensure the survival of our group. Those people are rare and truly valuable. The person who will do whatever it takes to support and forward the survival of the group they belong to — that person is desperately needed.

It’s absolutely vital to have the right players on your team that will do what must be done not only for themselves but for everyone else that counts on them to do so.

Who counts on you to guarantee their survival and that of your group or team? What are you doing to ensure that you follow through on that? Can your team count on you?

Think in these terms and it will help invigorate your purpose, focus your mission and drive your ability to perform at a higher level.

Sure — missing a target may not mean your life but it may affect the survival of others and your company as a whole.

And while you may not need to put your neck on the line past crocodiles, aggressive elephants and through high current streams that may wipe you out, the world we live in means people depend on you to do your part, carry your load and perform at a high level which allows the company to earn it’s income so people can earn theirs to pay their bills, get their groceries and help them survive in the world we live.

Keep this in mind. Don’t take your role lightly. Be focused. Be determined and operate as if lives depend on it including your own.

— Robert

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