It Requires Getting Dirty

I was talking to one of my people the other day about why lulls happen and what to do when you hit a lethargic period where things feel stuck or sticky.

I remember reading a book by J.Paul Getty years ago and the analogy I gave was this: once you’ve become successful to a greater or lesser degree, people tend to become slightly relaxed and polished or removed from the scene that got them there.

You picture a guy like J. Paul Getty who became massively successful in his wildcatting days down at the oil sites working shoulder to shoulder with the team and then after awhile he gains enormous success and now works with a suit snd tie in the office managing numbers and people and dictating orders. (Note: Getty was actually always willing to do the work and get others to as well so he always avoided what I’m describing)

Then the business takes a dip or hits a lull period and the person who used to be at the center of the machine, driving success, is now a little soft, a little too far removed from the scene.

The handling then is to take off the jacket, roll up the sleeves and get down to the oil site to work shoulder to shoulder with the team to drive the machine, push production and create a vibration of work that propels success.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself — you’ve had wins or a period of wins and became a little soft or removed from what got you there. If you want to rehab those wins or gains? Get back into the game, be willing to get dirty, do the uncomfortable things and you’ll see a massive shift in the scene.

The work is what got you the wins. Getting dirty is what built the business. Always be willing to get dirty and push everyone on your team to do the same and you’ll always be in good shape. Get too polished, fancy or too far removed from what got you there and the universe will deliver you pain.

Every successful person on the planet will attest to the fact that work, hustle, action, getting dirty, doing the uncomfortable are the things that got them where they are.

They will also attest that when they’ve fallen from the sky, it’s because they became too far removed from what got them there in the first place and they failed to get dirty by doing the work and they failed to get everyone else to get dirty as well — which lead to the crash.

— Robert