Companies don’t come to us for “leads”

There’s a massive misconception about what’s needed to help drive business forward and unfortunately because humans like you and I love similes (you know like, “this is like that…”) they bunch things in the same basket that don’t truly compare or belong together.

Our agency is focused on driving a very specific kind of growth for our clients focused on high value new business composed from a very surgical focus.

So this means we’re not the go to agency for leads or broad marketing actions but when you need to get to very specific people that can be challenging to get to and are very valuable to you…. that’s where we come in.

It’s low volume and high value.

We just finished this very short video that helps illustrate what I’m talking about through a simple analogy.

Here it is:

Reach out for questions or a proposal.


Have a great week!

— Robert

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